Colouring with thread.

With all the recent hype of Tula Pink being in Australia (I am a huge fan!!) I thought I would share a little project with you that I had demonstrated for my Handi Quilter Group ladies earlier this year. The demonstration was “colouring in” on the Sweet Sixteen.

20160209_144807I chose to put the design on to a natural coloured Linen and used the Tula Pink Eden fabrics for the remainder of the bag. The machine embroidery thread colours were chosen to match the fabric colours.

I traced the owl design onto the linen with a water soluble blue marker. Now these blue markers can be quite controversial and I occasionally get questioned for using them, I have heard qulting horror stories about how it never washed out and reuined a project but I have NEVER had an issues -ever,  so I will continue to use them. But please use what ever fabric marker you prefer, probably not a vanishing/air erasable though unless you can quilt like Grease Lightning!

The linen was placed on top of a piece of wool/poly batting with no backing fabric because it was going to be a lined bag. The design was outlined first with a charcoal coloured thread (minus the tail feathers, wasn’t sure if they would make the final cut). Then I proceeded to “Colour in”, changing thread colours and using various quilting fill designs like bubbles, stipple, feathers, loops etc  just on a much smaller scale – Micro Quilting.
I prefer this to thread painting as it gives loads of texture and isn’t to dense or stiff.

To remove my blue marker I just spritz with a water bottle.


The background feathers & swirls were stitched with Rasant thread. You will notice the swirls peak a little in the centres this is because I stitched straight onto the batting with no backing fabric,  I like this textured look.


The back of the bag received some jazz too! the top just needed some contrasting straight lines, the middle section got the royal treatment with Graffiti quilting and the coloured strips have a subtle ribbon candy fill with a variegated thread.

20160219_163520 Ta-da! I love it.


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